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Ancient Wisdom & Modern Knowledge

A man does not try to see himself in running water, but in calm water, because only what is calm can give tranquility to others. (Confucius).

The YC Heritage

Our curriculum is the result of extensive experience in teaching and training Yoga internationally over 35 years.

The YC Teaching Method

Our method uses innovative instructional techniques to integrate the ancient Yoga practices with current physiological approaches being developed in the West.

Yoga Training Courses

Our graduate Yoga teachers are recognized and respected throughout Spain.

Choose Your Preferred Training Course

We know that you need flexibility to adapt such an intense training to your rhythm of life, work, family ... That is why we strive to facilitate the process by offering you a wide range of possibilities.


Hatha | Iyengar | Ashtanga | Vinyasa | Kundalini | Yoga-Pilates | Meditación/Mindfulness


Monthly | Daily | Online| Residential Intensive


Madrid | Vigo | Mondariz-Balneario | Germany | India

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Wes and Gauri
a Life Dedicated to Yoga

Wes and Gauri spent close to 20 years learning yoga in the ancient Indian gurukula tradition. Their complete dedication led them to live in an ashram environment for 15+ years.

They trained thousands of Yoga teachers throughout India, Canada, Australia, Bahamas, Mexico, Argentina and Uruguay and directed centers and ashrams throughout the Americas and the Caribbean.

"Based on a new pedagogical approach we combine the traditional principles of Yoga with the application of precise anatomical corrections." ~Gauri

Wes expanded his perspectives, to be more pluralist and uncertain, with three Master's Degrees in the UK: MSc Psychology, MBA Business, and MA Philosophy.

'Yoga Center' - Integrity, respect and profound understanding, with a post post-modern pluralist perspective free of dogmatism.

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Our Dream Team

We are proud of all our teachers. We know that they will ensure that you experience Yoga at its best.

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Yoga Classes

We offer individualized attention in various styles and levels.

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Immerse yourself in your favourite yoga style or technique.

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Live fully present and savour the moment!

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Try different approaches for your yoga journey.

Yoga Retreats

Treat yourself to a yoga vacation in the splendour of nature.

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Corporate Yoga

Yoga practice can improve the productivity of your team.

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Solution Focused Therapy

Create a vision of what you can become and reach for your goals.

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