Positive Psychology

Westley Adam Eckhardt

Sunday November 28, '10 at 10:00 AM

Teacher: Westley Adam Eckhardt

Westley Eckhardt (Swami Shanmugananda) is director and trainer of trainers in 'Yoga Center Madrid', Psychologist and Cofounder of A.I.P.Y.S. He led ashrams in Canada and the Bahamas for 17 years. Profound connoisseur of the Hindu tradition with more than three decades of experience in his teaching. Specialised in Oriental Philosophy, Yogic Tradition, Meditation, Mindfulness and 'Mindset'. I added to my baggage three master's degrees in the United Kingdom: a Master's degree in psychology, a Master's degree in business administration and a Master's degree in philosophy.

A New Orientation

Positive psychology is a movement that emphasizes what is right with you rather than what is wrong with you. It also lets you know if marriage or winning the lottery makes you happier.

Human Strength

Much of psychology tends to focus on the negative and mental illness. Positive psychology is an attempt to redress the balance and focus on the positive aspects of life, human strengths and virtues that we find in the happiest of people.

Separate myth from Reality

However, Positive psychology is not denying realism nor the effectiveness of pessimism in appropriate circumstances. The workshop helps you to separate myth from reality, regarding human happiness.

3 Hour Intensive

  • Sunday: 10:00 to 13:00


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