Retreat: Mindfulness & Meditation

From 06 to 11 August in Mondariz-Balneario

Mind Care: with Westley Eckhardt

Living with full awareness of being in the present moment gives you a depth of experience that has diverse benefits. You will enjoy more of life and your relationships. You will be more focused and efficient in everyday tasks. You will reduce stress and learn to live in a more vibrant and self-compassionate way.

This program is for those who want to learn to meditate and use the techniques of mindfulness successfully within a mere five days.

In this workshop you will practice you effective methods for both mind and body. After all the mind is an expression of the body.

Who is this program for?

You need to unwind or detox in peaceful and lovely natural surroundings.
You heard a lot about ‘mindfulness’ and its benefits but have never had a chance to take a course.
You read about or listened to talks on mindfulness, and maybe even practice meditation on your own, but never had personalised advice from a teacher.
You completed a mindfulness course in the past, experienced the benefits - but somehow haven’t found the time to keep up your practice.

The Retreat

This mindfulness retreat is highly participatory and practical. It includes:

  • Instruction in Mindfulness Meditation
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Yoga Exercises
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • Group discussion to develop mindfulness in daily life

Mindful Living

Some aspects that will make you feel great!

  • Lasting reduction in physical and psychological symptoms of stress
  • An greater ability to relax
  • Increased energy and enthusiasm for life
  • Improved self-compassion
  • A mindset to better accommodate stressful situations.

The retreat is life-affirming while being challenging. You will experience and practice within a supportive environment. This alone can be deeply rewarding.

It is now well proven in science that different meditation and mindfulness practices provide many quality of life benefits.

We will use different techniques, to enhance balance, calm, and mental clarity to improve health, wellbeing and happiness. These techniques act as a key to opening up to the present moment.

What is considered meditation can include almost any practice that trains the attention to find calmness or compassion.

Mindfulness is the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around us.


Westley Eckhardt

Westley Eckhardt

Westley Eckhardt (Swami Shanmugananda) is director and trainer of trainers in 'Yoga Center Madrid', Psychologist and Cofounder of A.I.P.Y.S. A disciple and international director of Swami Vishnudevananda's organisation, he led its ashrams in Canada and the Bahamas for 15 years. Profound student of the Hindu tradition with more than three decades of experience in its teaching. Specialised in Oriental Philosophy, Yogic Tradition, Meditation, Mindfulness and 'Mindset'.
He added to his understanding three master's degrees in the United Kingdom: a master's degree in psychology (MSc Psychology), a master's degree in business administration (MBA) and a master's degree in philosophy (MA Philosophy).

Westley Eckhardt' page

Madhana - Manuel Agulla

Madhana - Manuel Agulla

Madhana tells this story "A disciple addresses his teacher and says: 'Teacher, you have live so many difficulties and hardships and I always see that you are happy and positive. How is that possible?'. 'You will see,' said the Master, 'when I get up in the morning I ask myself, what do I choose today, sadness or joy? And I decide to choose joy!' ".

Madhana's page

Body care: with Manuel Agulla

Manuel Agulla will be helping you with your physical being.

Diverse body practices will increase your positive emotions. Your body awareness will grow. Your body will strengthen. You will learn a growth mindset that will change your relationship with bodily stress. You will find new energy through breathing exercises. You will strengthen your musculoskeletal system and stimulate your inner organs.


  • 07:00 Good morning
  • 07:30 Mindfulness/Meditation
  • 08:00 Physical Practice
  • 09:30 Breakfast
  • 12:00 Workshop or Practice (alternate days)
  • 14:00 Lunch
  • 17:00 Practice
  • 20:00 Mindfulness/Meditation
  • 21:00 Dinner
  • 22:30 Good night


You can find out more about The Hotel** Residency Cemar, where you will spend five very challenging days.

The Hotel is situated at the entrance to the town of Mondariz Balneario. It is 30 minutes from Vigo.

Pool at Cemar

Hotel** Residencia Cemar Hotel** Cemar

Payment includes workshop, accommodation and meals.

Choice of Accommodation

In the Hotel** Cemar

Standard rooms, single or double featuring basic amenities for a pleasant stay.

Single Room

Single rooms are limited. Book early to ensure availability.

Double Room

These rooms come with two single beds and an ensuite bathroom. Its perfect for sharing with a friend.

Note: All rooms have natural daylight.


Payment in full in a single room after June 15 2019
Non-refundable deposit: 200 €
Total due: 857 €

Payment in full in a single room before June 15 2019
Non-refundable deposit: 200 €
Total due: 808€

Payment in full in a single room before May 15, 2019
Non-refundable deposit: 200 €
Total due: 763 €

Payment in full in a double room after June 15, 2019
Non-refundable deposit: 150 €
Total due: 722 €

Payment in full in a double room before June 15, 2019
Non-refundable deposit: 150 €
Total due: 688 €

Payment in full in a double room before May 15, 2019
Non-refundable deposit: 150 €
Total due: 656 €

These prices for room and meals (AP).

Program Reservations

If you wish to reserve a place please send the full payment early. Private rooms are limited.

Cancellation Policy

  • If you cancel 21 days or more before your program begins you will receive the full amount minus a 50,00€ processing fee.
  • If you cancel less than 21 days prior to the event you will receive 40% of your payment.
  • No refunds will be issued for cancellations made less than 7 days prior to the starting date of the event.

To take advantage of the favourable prices, full payment must be received before the cut off date.

Amounts can be paid by cash, money order or bank transfer to:

Yoga Center, S.L.

Account number: ES 06 2100 1417 16 02 00283014

Note: On the bank transfer you must indicate your name and the course that you are taking.

To Register Now for the Course

You can download a registration form pdf. After printing it out you can fill it in and then mail it in or fax it to 911850398 with your deposit to reserve your place on the course.


We reserve the right to make changes to any of the above without further notice.