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Masterclass: Yoga for Athletes

Nerea Esbrit

Thursday May 30, '19 at 05:00 PM

Teacher: Nerea Esbrit

In my childhood I competed for years as a gymnast in high competition. Afterwards I looked for a balanced discipline that respected body and mind without competition. That's when I discovered Yoga. It resulted in my taking the 500 hour Teacher Training at Yoga Center and the joy of sharing Yoga with others as a teacher.

Masterclass of Yoga for athletes

Do you want to enjoy more of your sports practice?

Do you want to improve your flexibility, balance, concentration and performance?

Do you want to know how the practice of yoga can help you in your sport and in your life?

The practice of yoga is becoming more common among athletes. Both amateur and professional, the benefits of working the union of body and mind makes us feel more well.

In this theoretical-practical Master Class, by helping us with coaching tools, we will learn to integrate yoga into your day-to-day and in your sport practice, always from a friendly and in favor of ourselves and our body.

In this Masterclass we will see:

  • Breathing.
  • breathing our great ally.

  • Self-care.
  • Listening to the body- Propioception - Postural alignment.

  • Integrating yoga into our training.
  • Heating / Stretching.

  • Working and paying attention to the muscles that we forget in our sport.
  • Relaxation
  • Meditation
  • Waking the observer.

According to Ryan Flaherty, senior director of Performance at Nike, there are 5 reasons why any athlete should integrate yoga into their training:

  • 1. Yoga inhibits the sympathetic nervous system (active) to activate the parasympathetic (at rest), which allows us to relax even in intense workouts.
  • 2. Yoga's movement patterns, which improve from coordination to balance, can be applied to more intense competitions on the court or track.
  • 3. Low-impact postures stimulate blood flow and quickly reduce recovery time, so that muscles can replenish and recover more effectively than if you rested on your recovery day.
  • 4. Regular yoga workouts make you move fluidly between postures that increase your range of motion and flexibility (key needs for an athlete), better, and more fun, than with common stretches.
  • 5. Teaches you how to control your pelvis, something basic for high performance athletes in any sport.
  • Friday from 17:00 to 20:00


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