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Training Styles

When you find peace within yourself, you become the kind of person who can live in peace with others. (Peace pilgrim)

Yoga Teacher Training in the following Styles

  • Hatha Yoga YC
  • Ashtanga Yoga YC
  • Iyengar Yoga YC
  • Vinyasa Flow YC
  • Meditation/Mindfullness YC


Our training courses respect the different styles, with the integrity each deserves, in the belief that they are all different manifestations of a pluralist ancient tradition.

The traditional styles we teach - HathaYC, IyengarYC Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga YC - coexist with current innovations such as Pilates Yoga or Vinyasa Flow. All share similar origins and demonstrate that different approaches make it possible to reach all kinds of people, regardless of their motivation or personal limitations.

The Essence of the Yoga Tradition

We address the crucial importance of understanding the origin and development of Yoga from its ancient past until the present. By respecting the richness and variety of the traditional pracitces while remaining free of dogmaticism, we are able to appreciate enriched the uniqueness of each practice.


One of the pillars of our training method is the incorporation of the "Pedagogy of Yoga" in our courses. The emphasis is clearly on how to teach. Our courses are fundamentally focused on the principle aim of making you an outstanding teacher. That is our reputation!

So, your vocabulary; the inflection of your voice; the pace of the class; correct bodily corrections, taking into account the personal circumstances of each student; and, a full knowledge of diverse variations and adaptations necessary, will turn you into a highly skilled and professional teacher with a complementary broad knowledge of the Yoga tradition.