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Nobody has the absolute truth. Find your own truth, the one that makes you vibrate, the one that connects you with your higher self, the one that makes you grow as an individual and at the same time as part of the whole. (Anonymous)

Yoga Workshops

Other courses

Practices open to the public to make contact for the first time with a specific Yoga style; or improve your personal practice.

These courses are organised throughout the year. The possibility is to offered to all those who want to discover in a short period of time, and always with absolute rigor, the teachings offered by the different disciplines.

You will find this section regularly updated throughout the year.


Three-hour workshop with the objective of:
Disconnect and enjoy a few hours practicing the style of Yoga that interests you.


Between nine and ten hours aimed at teachers or practitioners who want to deepen their practice or enjoy it. The deans of these courses are internationally renowned teachers, most of them are invited from outside Spain who share their creativity and knowledge.

Short Courses

Aimed at regular practitioners and Yoga teachers who wish to refine their practice and / or teaching. They are weekend cycles of 12 hours and half or 16 hours, focused on a specific topic to learn and / or refresh knowledge.
A certificate of the update is issued.
These hours are cumulative up to 100 hours of training.

Summer retreats

Summer courses and retreats.
Disconnection enjoying or specialising in courses that take place in residential mode. Live the style of Yoga that you like most away from everyday life in an environment surrounded by nature. This retreats to everyone, beginners, regular practitioners or teachers.