Reataurativa 3

Restorative Yoga Advanced Diploma

Aimed at Yoga teachers who want to know how to teach Restorative Yoga.

Yoga Center Madrid

Course: Restorative Yoga

Code: RY-III

Dates: 05/10/2019 until 16/02/2020

Level: III

Hours: 70 hs.

Language: Spanish

Where: Yoga Center

Course starting time: October 05, 09:00

Course Content

Who is this course for?

This course is aimed at Yoga teachers who want to know how to teach Restorative Yoga.

Restorative Postures

Restorative Yoga seeks deep relaxation and can complement a conventional yoga practice. Alternating a more demanding regular practice physically, with a restorative practice helps to restore muscles and joints. It relieves tiredness in general and helps to restore areas of the body where we require more in certain positions.

This practice acts directly on the parasympathetic nervous system responsible for producing and restoring body energy. Thus, regular practice helps to restore the balance of body and mind.

Restorative yoga helps in aligning the asanas with props, creates spaces without effort, while the mind remains passive but alert and calm. The spaces produced by that practice will be occupied by a comfortable broad breath.


  • Materials and preparation
  • Basic breathing in practice
  • Address each position, understand it and maximise its benefits.
  • Understand how to replace some conventional postures by passive postures.
  • How to restore balance after a physically intense practice.
  • A complete session of restorative asanas.



  • October: 05 - 06
  • November: 02 - 03
  • November: 30 - December: 01
  • January: 25 - 26
  • February: 15 - 16


  • Saturday: 09:00 - 18:00
  • Sunday: 09:00 - 14:00


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Course Prices

Instalments. Deposit after August 27, 2019
Total due: 1390 €
Deposit: 360 €
Non-refundable deposit. 5 monthly payments: 206 €.

Instalments. Deposit before August 27, 2019
Total due: 1240 €
Deposit: 360 €
Non-refundable deposit. 5 monthly payments: 176 €.

Payment in full. After August 27, 2019
Total due: 1350 €
Deposit: 250 €
Non-refundable deposit.

Payment in full. Before August 27, 2019
Total due: 1200 €
Deposit: 250 €
Non-refundable deposit.

Payment in full. Before July 27, 2019
Total due: 1135 €
Deposit: 250 €
Non-refundable deposit.

Course Reservations

If you wish to reserve a place please send the deposit amount early. The deposit is not refundable.

To take advantage of the favourable prices, full payment must be received before the cut off date.

Amounts can be paid by cash, money order or bank transfer to:

Yoga Center, S.L.

Account number: ES 06 2100 1417 16 0200283014

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You can download a registration form pdf. After printing it out you can fill it in and then mail it in with your deposit to reserve your place on the course.

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