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International Sananda Yoga Teachers Association (AIPYS)

The Sananda International Yoga Teachers Association (AIPYS)

A.I.P.Y.S was founded because there existed a gap in how Yoga Teachers were trained. Yoga Teacher Training needs to be more than how to practice, most importantly, it had to be how to teach correctly!

Professional Standards

A.I.P.Y.S. is responsible for setting professional standards of training and to establish and review the curricula and to grant diplomas for its many courses. A.I.P.Y.S. continues to ensure that a high standard of Yoga education be available. A.I.P.Y.S. grants its diplomas to those persons trained according to its criteria.

Teacher Training Courses (T.T.C.)

The Teacher Training Courses are conducted by 'Yoga Center' and Yoga Sananda, both of whom maintain the A.I.P.Y.S. standards.

Yoga Certification

A.I.P.Y.S grants certificates and diplomas in different styles of Yoga. It upholds the criteria of the international Yoga community.

Our certificates and diplomas are issued exclusively by AIPYS and are not subject to any other entity.