Yoga alliances


European Pilates Association (E.P.A)

E.P.A. was founded by Amari Rabinovitch in 2003 to provide an informed contemporary approach to Pilates that recognizes Yoga's contribution to Joseph Pilate's system.

Exercises that promote a healthy posture

Pilates is a system of exercises, which promote a healthy posture, natural alignment and core control. Fantastic for balancing the muscles in your body, allowing you to find and work small muscles your didn't know you existed. This aids in stretching and releasing bigger over used muscles, creating a lean, flexible and strong body.

'moving from your core'

Emphasis is placed on 'moving from your core' establishing through your deep pelvic floor, complete abdominal wall and multifidus (deep lower back muscles) This links our body and lets you move in an ergonomic and cohesive way.

Professional Standards

E.P.A. is responsible to communicate and maintain the standards of training Yoga Center Pilates instructors.


E.P.A. grants the certificates and diplomas for Yoga Center Pilates trainers, teachers .

European Pilates Association (E.P.A)