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Liz Workshop

Liz's Workshop March 2014

Liz enchanted and challenged us all once more. She engaged the group with a continuous series of sequences that charmed everyone while getting them to do more than they imagined possible. At the same time Liz mesmerized the participants with her art, her music, her songs, and her inspirational quotes taken from the poets and mystics of the world and the ages.

Liz Lark's workshop

Liz's Growing Collaboration

Liz has agreed to participate in our new Advanced Diploma course that completes the 500 hours of our Hatha Yoga Teacher Training certification. We will soon be announcing the content of her contribution to the advanced course. She will train the graduates in 'creative sequencing'. 

First Advanced Course Presentation

We will be offering our new 100 hour Advanced Diploma course this summer in Aldeaduero. As soon a s we have Liz's curriculum we will include in the course description.





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