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Tania Suarez

I fell hopelessly in love with the yoga and felt that my life should follow the path that had been opened before me.

Tania Suarez


Millennial Disciplines

Throughout my life I have been very attracted to the culture and philosophy of the East. I began to enter them through various millenarian disciplines such as Chi-kung, Tai-chi or Kung Fu, but when I discovered yoga, something in me changed. I fell hopelessly in love and felt that my life should follow the path that had been opened before me. I feel that this beautiful discipline is a way to create poetry with our body, to feel and connect with our inner universe.

I continue my training

That's why I trained at Yoga Center Madrid, a training supported by AIPYS, and I continue to enjoy this beautiful journey that is learning, thanks to this great Yoga Center in Madrid. My desire to learn lead me to constantly update my knowledge and to continue training, in addition to attending workshops and intensive.

My classes

My classes are of a general level, although I like to give them dynamism and body awareness, so that each time you come you can deepen your postures and learn a little more of yourself each day. My intention is to offer love, attention, harmony and balance in my classes, so that those who come enjoy yoga as much as I do (or more!). The students are my source of inspiration and my eternal teachers. I wait for you at Yoga Center! Namasté.

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