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Nicola Carofiglio

Nicola Carofiglio

Nicola Carofiglio

Nicola Carofiglio former dancer of classical and contemporary dance with more than 25 years of experience.

During his time as a dance professional he suffered many injuries that helped him find a different path to take care of his body.

His passion for movement research has taken him through different disciplines such as Gyrotonic, Gyrokinesis, Yoga instructor and Tai chi.

A journey back home

Seeing that all these techniques worked for him to heal his injuries, be more aware of his body and return to mobility, going back home, the body. Nicola decided to help more people to take care of his body more consciously. So joining all these techniques he founded his own method in which he gives training, workshops and consultations.

The journey between being & doing

Due to his peculiar artist personality; his acting and singing skills; its enormous sensitivity and nonverbal communication ability; Nicola transmits his knowledge in such an enjoyable and simple way that he conquers everyone who is present. Such dense concepts of anatomy or morphology enter the minds of the most neglected without much effort. It teaches us the journey between being & doing.

Member of The European Rolfing Association

He is presently a member of the movement faculty of the European Rolfing Association.

Certified Advanced Rolfer ™, Rolf Movement ™ Practitioner

Nicola explains

"After studying dance in Italy and Germany, I worked as a dancer and choreographer for 20 years. In my career as a dancer, I have always striven to achieve greater flexibility and balance."

"Over the years, problems and solutions have become increasingly refined and sophisticated, opening up new areas and perspectives, which, like a magnifying glass, have expanded my personal understanding of the body."

"Through Rolfing® and the Gyrotonic® System, I have been able to continue exploring the profound dialogue between mind and body, discovering gradually that giving expression and shape to the creative intelligence present in our bodies is my fundamental inspiration in life."

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