Marta Jiménez

Marta Jiménez

Enjoy a new world

Some years ago my curiosity allowed me to discover the world of yoga. Because of my scientific training, yoga was initially a challenge for me because it conflicted directly with my thinking and everything I had learned. But the best thing about my curiosity was my desire to learn and my doubts helped ​​me discover and enjoy a new world full of sensations, perceptions and movement.

Respect and anticipation

Unaware of what it would mean for me, I started to train as an instructor and later as a teacher of Hatha Yoga. With great respect and anticipation I face this new challenge and new stage in my life, imbibing the joy on the faces of all those people who have decided to enter the world of Yoga.


Marta is an expert accredited "Rolfer" and applies this method with deep knowledge. "The Rolfing®, works directly by applying deep pressure on the fascial tissue looking for possible restrictions that can present the tissue, allowing a reorganisation of the structure of the body, as well as greater efficiency in its function." Marta

Teachers Training courses

Marta is an expert anatomy teacher, her clases have knowledge, are witty and fun, the students love to learn and learn anatomy with her

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