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Restorative Yoga


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Sat. Jan. 25, '20 at 09:00 AM

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  • Saturday: 08:30 a 18:30
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Who is this course for:

This course is aimed at Yoga teachers who want to know how to teach Restorative Yoga.

This course is designed for all students who have already completed a training course of a minimum of 200 hours.

The course consists of 75 contact hours.


This form of restorative practice, as its word indicates, invites the mind to restore the body and accompany it with the intention of recognizing its work, disposition and time, thanking you for your help in the journey of life.

The practice gives the participant very good instructions in the alignment of the asanas as well as considering other complementary exercises, which with the help of different props or materials for this work, allows us to create spaces without effort, thus inviting the mind to remain alert but calm. The spaces produced by this practice will be occupied by broadand comfortable breathing.

Restorative Postures

Restorative Yoga seeks deep relaxation and can complement a conventional yoga practice. Alternating a more demanding regular practice physically, with a restorative practice helps to restore muscles and joints. It relieves tiredness in general and helps to restore areas of the body where we require more in certain positions.

This practice acts directly on the parasympathetic nervous system responsible for producing and restoring body energy. Thus, regular practice helps to restore the balance of body and mind.

Restorative yoga helps in aligning the asanas with props, creates spaces without effort, while the mind remains passive but alert and calm. The spaces produced by that practice will be occupied by a comfortable and broad breath.


"Thanks to all of the trainers. You are all marvelous teachers. Thanks for teaching me so much and so well.".

Ivana Cobo/ Julio 2019


The course consists of 70 classroom hours.


  • Materials and preparation.
  • Basic breathing in practice.
  • Address each position, understand it and maximise its benefits.
  • Understand how to replace some conventional postures by passive postures.
  • How to restore balance after a physically intense practice.
  • A complete session of restorative asanas.


Chrystiani Mensoni

Chrystiani Mensoni

Chrys is part of the Hatha Yoga teacher training faculty and provides assistance in the teaching of: Technical, methodological and practical application. "Recognising that learning is different for everyone is very important, a training student is open, wanting to know more, but also comes with a baggage, with their way of seeing yoga, with doubts"

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To Register for the Course

For the 120 hour Vinyasa Course it is necessary to arrange a personal interview by calling 91 575 19 13. Ask for Mabel, who will inform you of your course requirements.

Modes of Payment

The modes of payments are:

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General Conditions

Please consult the course's general conditions.


The course diplomas are delivered by AIPYS

Other Organisations

The course graduates can register with the US & UK Yoga Alliances.


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